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Comparison of ADSL ISP Telfort vs Tele2 in Netherlands

Telfort Tele2
Modem ZyXEL P-2601HN-F1 (Rotterdam), ZyXEL VDSL VOIP 802.11n gigabit router with USB storage host port for file sharing (Den Haag). Freely configurable, self configurable SIP accounts, DHCP IP address allocation option, QoS customizable, highly customizable wireless configuration with WDS, dynamic DNS, user upgradable firmware, 4 ethernet ports for PC connection. Davolink DV-2020 802.11g router, simple configuration without VOIP customization, remotely managed by the company. No static DHCP IP address allocation, no QoS, only 2 ports of 4 ports open for PC connection, the other 2 ports (port 1,2) reserved for Internet TV service.  This limitation was not documented in the Do-it-yourself package manual and caused annoying confusion.
Price 17.5 – 20 euro/month, 1 yr contract, after that 25 euro/month 14 euro/month, 1 yr contract, after that 26 euro/month
Service 0900 paid phone service, charged a lot when solving ADSL line technical problem. Didn’t provide call-back support. 0900 paid phone service
Speed 7M download, 700K upload (for my bad phone line case), theoretical max speed 20M/1M.  At first the ADSL line was set at full speed (20M) but the physical quality of the phone line can’t sustain it, which caused constant rebooting of the modem.  This caused a lot of troubleshooting through paid service phone support and cost me about 100 euro and a lot of time. Finally solved by lowering the speed limit to 7M.  Because of this bad experience I switched to Tele2. 12M download, 800K upload (for my bad phone line case), theoretical max speed 20M/1M

Telfort provides much better modem and flexibility than Tele2, but Tele2 has a small price advantage.